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November 2016
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JP's Musings

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November, 2016 3

A Smile Just Beneath the Surface

I am exuberance, once I shed my layer of today. A deep and lasting smile lies just beneath the surface So close and yet impossibly hidden, if you don’t stop to feel its rays It’s free and rich and everlasting It’s much closer than you think You’re touching it already, let it shine through warm embrace Like your breath, [...]

John Paul NarowskiJohn Paul Narowski

For the Walk Alone

Dawn or dusk, it makes no difference to the stars Crunching the earth below, step by step The present is filled with a crisp forever The future and past fade, more fantasy than the wildest tale Each breath tastes light and free, rid of the jaded weight of progress The here and now is rich with non-doing Each previous step is quickly erased [...]

John Paul NarowskiJohn Paul Narowski

A Thought From Stillness

A thought from stillness A boat gliding across the waves A day, a week, a month may pass without existing the maze What joy, what life, what effervescence is found inside the space That force and will and huff and puff can simply not replace It’s air, not fire, space, not might that guides and grows the blaze It’s pause, not run, [...]

John Paul NarowskiJohn Paul Narowski