Let’s Build an MVP
I’m looking for partners in crime to build cool stuff with. A crew of the willing who align philosophically, and have the experience to validate, grow and catapult ideas onto the main stage.

Are you sharp, driven and intentional with your life? Do you have deep experience with marketing, growth and idea validation? Do you see entrepreneurship as a lifestyle instead of a means?

Then read on.

I’m a full stack developer with a proven track record of success, looking to find smart people to build cool shit with.

Is that you?

In growing various companies, I’ve come to learn that an ideas success is deeply rooted in the people behind it. Over the years I’ve made the mistake of rabidly building MVPs, and cranked out too many shoot-from-the-hip ideas. Build it and they will come right?


It’s painfully clear that without validation and someone to drive traffic, the best looking apps falls on deaf ears.

Let’s build a validated MVP

I want to build apps that do one thing, WELL. I’m good at building MVPs. Fast. What I need is someone to validate ideas, drive traffic and determine if there’s any traction behind a specific idea. Oh and if you don’t know what MVP means, this gig is probably not for you.

Let’s operate on the fail fast principle, and find sticky blue ocean projects.

What I want from you

I’m looking for a growth marketer with a clear, proven track record of growth and deep experience with product and idea validation. I want someone who can help me throw up landing pages, drive traffic and quickly validate concepts.

Ideally, you’ve already had enough marketing success, that you don’t need to the dollar-for-hour exchange. Obviously we want these ideas to succeed, but I don’t want to short change good ideas for short term gains.

If that’s you, shoot me a message, and let’s chat.

About Me

Hey. I’m JP. I’ve built several successful web apps and e-commerce businesses over the last 10 years. I’m first and foremost a full stack developer, but I span the gamut of sales, UX design and and a dabble of marketing.

I live in Denver, CO and love all things outdoors. I ski, run, hike, camp and chase excitement. I take life, but not myself too seriously. Ultimately I just want to live a fulfilled, happy life, and plan to use my businesses as a conduit to get there. I don’t care about a trillion dollar yacht, a billion dollar mansion or a million dollar baby.

Read My Business Manifesto

My Portfolio


This is my current baby. It’s a no-nonsense CRM platform built for small businesses. Initially built it for myself at a previous company I co-founded, because my sales guy simply wouldn’t use any of the CRM tools we paid for.


Helps organizations who donate money manage their grant awarding process.

DoDailyapp.co under development

An app focused on building positive habits through accountability and simplicity.


Ecommerce store. Solid wood, hand-crafted Amish furniture custom built to order.

I’ve been hacking at various business ideas since I was 16. I’m a full stack developer and love crafting user experiences. I’ve been nose deep in code since I put the legos down, and built several successful businesses in the process. I’ve lost some hair, gained some experience and throughly enjoyed the journey.