What I want in a business Coach
This guide will help determine if we're a good fit.

Let’s start with a bit about me. 

I’m 33 years old. I love going fast, good conversation, and great experiences (more about me here). I’ve been writing code, and building businesses for the last 15 years. I thoroughly enjoy both the expansive strategy of business and the “flow state” creativity of coding.  I’ve been a CEO, CTO and many things in between. 

Over the years I’ve learned to slow down, and put supreme emphasis on deep work. I’ve been working to detach myself from the ups and downs,  and just enjoy the ride. 

What I’m looking for

I want someone who’s had major success (and at least one exit) in business with tech companies. This person should have had multiple companies they ran simultaneously , and effectively. 

This person should care deeply about work life harmony, and thoroughly disagree with the idea of brutal hours and incessant self sacrifice now, for idolized “it” later. I want someone who has evidence that they not only managed a lot, but did it happily, and with a healthy and vibrant personal life. 

I want someone who is passionate about balance, and intentional about about variety and diversity. They don’t just chug self help productivity books, and copy paste the bulletin tip lists. They read fiction and history and care about the bigger picture. 

Since I have a few businesses in different sectors, it would be helpful to have someone who helps me with mindset, and accountability, in addition to figuring out what the next move is. 

My current businesses

  • KarmaCRM – SAAS CRM platform
  • Clickflow – SAAS a/b testing for seo
  • Amishtables – ecommerce Amish furniture store

My strengths

  • Very organized
  • Can code fast, yet effectively
  • Invests in self improvement
  • Reads constantly and soak up new information daily
  • Removes tension through kindness
  • Naturally creates pathways for problem solving
  • Makes informed decision by seeking full data first 

My weaknesses 

  • Self- critical
  • Overly systemic/formulaic
  • Moves too fast, and chases squirrels
  • Relies a bit too much on crowd sourcing my opinions
  • Sometimes, I take things way too seriously 

Check out my user guide for more info. 

Whew. You made it through this whirlwind of requests. I applaud you.

I’ve been hacking at various business ideas since I was 16. I’m a full stack developer and love crafting user experiences. I’ve been nose deep in code since I put the legos down, and built several successful businesses in the process. I’ve lost some hair, gained some experience and throughly enjoyed the journey.