I'm JP Narowski. I live in Denver CO, where I obsess over technology.

As the oldest of 6 kids, I always say that I "Huckleberry Finn'ed" my way into entrepreneurship. I established an elaborate system of rewards to get my siblings to do my chores. They still claim to be owed a Coke. In my free time, I love to ski fast, cook, and read everything I can get my hands on.

From an early age, I was obsessed with computers. I got started by destroying and rebuilding them. That evolved into a deep passion for code, and a love for crafting applications that delight. Even after 15 years, I still wake up thrilled to tackle the challenges of aligning engaging user experiences with real business ROI.

While the backbone of my experience lies within technical leadership, I have also built and sold companies as CEO. It's this unique blend of technology and business acumen that drives my leadership style. My goal is to constantly fire myself by creating self-managing teams, processes, and code.

My current day job is Head of Engineering at Spectora. We build some awesome, modern, All-in-One Home Inspection Software. One of our customers said our software saved him so much time that he is going to have another kid. No joke. Talk about a strong value prop.

Prior to Spectora, I founded and grew karmaCRM (a B2B SaaS CRM) to over 6,000 daily active users and 25k in MRR. Before that, I co-founded a development agency where we grew to a team of over 20 (with 10 developers that I directly managed).